Slovakia: COVID-19 Moral Hazard


We are lead by the elites who have no idea what they are doing. Therefore expecting that they would understand the secondary and tertiary order of consequences is just utopia.

These people need to go. It’s not only about political consequences — as there are real damages on the nation (deaths and economic devastation of a county).

If citizens allow this kind of governance — they fully deserve their government.

November 2020, and Slovakia continued with the same experiment in January 2021..

It’s sheer incompetence

The same thing happen in April 2020 when the country was govern by the wrong model and Slovak prime minister wanted to do a whole country blackout (China style) — while new cases already peaked in Europe.

This resulted in the latest “reopening” compared to neighbouring countries, again a huge economic damage — as every day, every week counts.

There is always a choice: either you let incompetent people run your country or someone takes the stand and forms a 2030 vision for the nation. It’s up to each citizen to act or let go.

Tear down sheer incompetence..



Martin Skakala,

Life is a video game. Full of laugh & anxiety. Choose your ammo wisely.