Web3 Market Structure is Changing!


The market structure of the Blockchain industry is undergoing a significant shift. The biggest change is — the market is going through consolidation and getting towards more sophistication and regulation.

The integrity of the industry is under attack: The last decade was a training ground, and this year is the pivotal point in history for everyone in the industry without any exceptions. Lots of projects ran out of money, lots of partnerships dissolved, lots of investors’ battles, misuses of treasuries, and lots of short-term games.

The search for integrity is on: Lots of apathy and soul searching. Lots of lost tribes and lots of lost leaders. Intelligence and energy are not enough. Integrity is imperative for long-term players.

This is the most significant arbitrage available at the moment: Are you in the industry for the long game, or will You be left out? This is it! This is the time to make a decision for the next decade or to be forgotten.

We often get asked what Inceptus is: it’s a group of people — the core team, the advisors, our networks or business partners, and friends. Inceptus will try to arbitrage anything possible in the industry we get our hands on. We would also like to bring people together for the long-term game. Integrity starts with each individual player.

We have huge ambition & drive, and we are humble at the same time. We’re average Joes — from muscles & bones. A bunch of introverts who decided to have a decent shot at the young and exciting emerging industry in consolidation.

It won’t be easy, it will be tremendously hard — but we want “it” to be very exciting, childlike, and playful. We do not believe in going fast and breaking things. We want to go both wide & deep — however, never to break people or cross our partners, junior partners, employees, advisors, business partners, networks, or friends.

We would love for you to join us on our exciting journey! The industry is growing at breakneck speed. The only question is — are you here for the long game, the lasting relationships, for the fun of the game itself? We at Inceptus are inclusive, not exclusive.

If interested — join us! We are forming most of the core team here in Slovakia while spreading our wings internationally at the same time. We are also open networkers — we are happy to connect you to other individuals, teams, networks, or investors in the industry. Fast.

We remember everyone we met — in person or online in the past couple of years. From the first whatsapp, telegram, or discord message. From the long walks or talks in Slovakia to Dubai, Prague, or US. From ski trips to conferences at beautiful lakes.
We are thankful for the knowledge, experience, networks & friendships each of you created. We are standing on the shoulders of giants.

Long integrity & the new exciting games!
Martin Skakala, Inceptus



Martin Skakala, inceptusengine.com

Life is a video game. Full of laugh & anxiety. Choose your ammo wisely.