The Tail End of Insanity is Hell & War

If something really breaks — it does not break from one day to another — it had been “in the breaking” for much, much longer.

Schwarzenegger called Capitol event a Kristallnacht.

Elites gonna elite, this is what they do. They do not give a damn about the consequences. They love division, without division — there is no power capture.

Elites gonna elite, actors gonna act/LARP.

Truth does not matter, truth unites. Schwarzenegger does not care.

“Woke” pals: let’s ban left & right whatever we please.

The censorship does not start with popular people, first you ban the unpopular.

This is the way to justify further bans, this is how you justify usurping new powers..

I.: “Trump is threat to democracy

Trump lost the elections, and both house and senate. Democracy worked. Reconcile those statement. The former was just a narrative.

II.: Next one:

Hitler and Lenin were not banned, Lenin and Hitler did the banning.
Reconcile that one as well.

III.: Next one:

BLM was a peaceful protest”. “Capitol event was violent”. Reconcile. Both violent? 100%!

IV: Next one:

Capitol even was a coup”.

You cannot do a coup without the army.

Reconcile. Unlawful, and should be prosecuted? Definitely. A coup? Peak hysteria, definitely.

How is this helping democracy at all?
Where is this heading?

Is tech the new judiciary?

Who is next?

That escalated quickly..

Trump is no saint at all, a high functional sociopath definitely BUT if I was the establishment

to throw the attention off the decades of economic stagnation.

Will Germany/EU build its own social networks?

Maybe they will, maybe they will just regulate.

The Triangular wars

We may be heading into “Triangular wars”:

  • the state
  • the closed tech
  • the open tech

Which ends up in:

  • governance type I: tech state, AI like
  • governance type II: algorithmic & open

A Newborn & Hate

A newborn is not born with a hate, ideology, bias.

A newborn is full of love.


You don’t have to lean into the divisions, you can always let go and sign off or exit.

When you say politics is toxic, you are right. Sometimes.

But without politics, there is war.



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Martin Skakala

Life is a video game. Full of laugh & anxiety. Choose your ammo wisely.