Slovak Nationwide Testing Proved What Everyone Knew Already

The idea is interesting!!


Results by regions I: Positivity rate 0%–2%

The Key Takeaways

Slovakia currently obtained the best 2-day regional snapshot in the world!

Second thing is: Slovaks pulled that off — 2.5M tested the first day! #EPIC

Nationwide testing is not the way to go.

Here is the rationale for the cons:

How do you even interpret these test results?

The “voluntarism”

a strong consensus between the government and public.

Public opinion:

The Trick I

Based on both infection rates & regional curves.

New Cases by Region, 7-day moving average (compared to average).

New Daily Cases per Region and Rising Testing Capacity (black)

The Trick II

Some regions peaked, some are peaking and some are great for large scale testing.

Results by regions I: Positivity rate 0%–2%

The Results by sub-regions II: Positivity rates 0%–5%

Nationwide tests done, now what?

The Moral Hazard

Ok, so now what?

And you can bet the house — there will be no second wave of nationwide mandatory testing.

Regional OK, Nationwide NOK.


Voilà, the Slovak nationwide testing proved what we knew already.

Regional > Nationwide.

She is exponential..

Don’t misrepresent the exercise for one the biggest operation that brought peace to Europe after the World War II.



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