Slovak Nationwide Mandatory Testing as Exercise of Governance Tool.

Story of Two Manias: Blackout (April 2020), now Nationwide Testing (Nov 2020)

Optional or Mandatory?

What is being marketed, sold:

What is the truth:

The nationwide testing is mandatory.

Target Audience: Slovak republic:

The Government Website ALSO claims the testing is optional:

How does the Government ensure — everyone complies?

It’s very simple!

You take freedoms of all the citizens who do not comply.

Now try to do that in France, UK, US or Germany, nationwide. Good Luck!

If 91% or 100% comply — aren’t you heading North Korea way?

One way, one dictator?

The idea.

You win the time back!

This is also the reason why there will be NO second round of planned nationwide testing.

Regional or targeted, sure.

Nationwide — None. Nada. Zilch!

You can judge the level of democracy based on how much freedom & rights are taken away from you or the citizens during the crisis.

Again, try to sell nationwide “optional” testing in France, UK, US or Germany..



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