Reopen the Economy with! COVID-19

David Sacks; face masks work!

R0>1.0 = Strategic priority is war on virus.

R0<1.0 = Strategic priority is war for the economy.

The R0 is virus reproduction rate. If R0 = 3.5, one person infects 3.5 persons. If R0 = 0.8, we are winning in a war, as one person infects less than 1, and thus we stopped the exponential growth.

  • have a vision & clarity
  • have a plan
  • have a process & toolkit for execution of the plan & the overarching vision

There is a time to shift gears in strategic priorities of government from fighting COVID-19 virus war — to form a vision of fighting for the economy.

That vision will define unemployment rates, national debt rate, interests rates, currency rates, government & private debt loads, pension systems stability and poverty rates.



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Martin Skakala

Martin Skakala


Life is a video game. Full of laugh & anxiety. Choose your ammo wisely.