COVID-19: Release the Young!

Release the Young and protect the elderly & the vulnerable.

Infection Fatality Rate by age:

That’s it.

It makes zero sense to continue with the large scale nation wide lockdowns. There is no way that both — the Younger generation won’t start to protest and also that the lockdowns are not more damaging than the “cure”.

Politically speaking — doing the lockdowns is the easiest of the worst decisions. The easiest is the KEY here. Politician do not have to strategically think & execute nothing. Just tell everyone stay home & giving money away that our kids would have to pay back one day.

Releasing Young and taking care of elderly & vulnerable — dividing the public into two groups requires courage.

Some might say — this is not fair. So, would you rather lock up both groups? Good one, nice try ;-).

Radical problems require radical and decisive solutions. Tell the public to hide at home till Spring 2021 is ZERO courage, ZERO solution. It’s coward's strategy, it’s for weak fellas.

Now, go ask China — why they did not provide you this data in March 2020. Good luck!

I am still waiting for a smart entrepreneur who will rent an empty quarter, village or even city, move in people under 40–50 and create a Lockdown free Zone for some time.

She was exponential..



Martin Skakala,

Life is a video game. Full of laugh & anxiety. Choose your ammo wisely.