We gonna play these games until we eventually run out of the alphabet.

The Greek alphabet and Olympics have something in common — when you do not know what to do:

  • you just gonna continue down the alphabet and act like it’s ok, let’s be it one more letter (and one more, and..)
  • you just gonna continue with Olympics as schedules like there was/is not any pandemic and tens of millions dead.

We gonna look so stupid when people look back at us from 2050 — how we allowed bunch of old people do shit they had no clue about.

So long. The pay comes due eventually one day..

Understanding what really happened to Slovakia during COVID-19 is not easy as it’s a complex topic, each tribe fighting with his or her own narrative.
The main question I am asking myself for the future & beyond COVID-19 is:

Wether Matovič should stay or if he should resign or be removed.

  • First by walking through the major decisions in the period from March 2020 to today (March 2021).
  • Then reflecting on what may have happened.
  • And last — on why Matovič should stay, resign or be removed.

Here is the 1 year COVID-19 history in Slovakia

March 2020: Matovič’s government takes charge after the new elections. Previous prime minister…

We are lead by the elites who have no idea what they are doing. Therefore expecting that they would understand the secondary and tertiary order of consequences is just utopia.

These people need to go. It’s not only about political consequences — as there are real damages on the nation (deaths and economic devastation of a county).

If citizens allow this kind of governance — they fully deserve their government.

November 2020, and Slovakia continued with the same experiment in January 2021..

It’s sheer incompetence

The same thing happen in April 2020 when the country was govern by the model…

Some podcasts are real jams here.
(feel free even to skip through the crypto or macro)

If something really breaks — it does not break from one day to another — it had been “in the breaking” for much, much longer.

Schwarzenegger called Capitol event a .

Elites gonna elite, this is what they do. They do not give a damn about the consequences. They love division, without division — there is no power capture.

Elites gonna elite, actors gonna act/LARP.

Truth does not matter, truth unites. Schwarzenegger does not care.

“Woke” pals: let’s ban left & right whatever we please.

The censorship does not start with popular people, first you ban the unpopular.

Hitler/Lenin was the one to censor.

Lenin/Hitler did not get censored.

The “woke” are asleep again.

true story..

COVID-19 is soon over but its scars will remain for a long long time.



Vaccine, incoming Spring and herd immunity levels make it a perfect cocktail for COVID-19 to start to decline FORVER.

She was exponential..

Martin Skakala

Life is a video game. Full of laugh & anxiety. Choose your ammo wisely.

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